Towards The Salamis Historic Park Foundation

Salamis Island, Greece

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Salamis OUR Greek Island

"Greece should be starring for Culture, this is the heritage, this property is lost if we do nothing" Melina Mercouri

Old Salamis - Ampelakia harbor

The Archaeological park at Ampelakia bay project:

- During the past 2500 years very little archaeological research has been done on the island of Salamis and especially not around the old Salamis harbor. The Salamis harbor was very important in history because of the famous Battle of Salamis in 480 before Christ (see annex). This battle changed the culture and economy of all of Europe.

- The people of Salamis have become much more conscious of their past in the last 5 years (see quotes below).

-The current mayor, Mrs. Roula Nannou, is also very much aware of the past and its importance for the future.

- A new cooperation agreement has been signed in 2011 between the original 23 municipalities involved in the battle. They all would like to see a proper research done, as it is also of importance to them.

The company of Erik Rörsch & Partners was invited at the end of January 2012 by the municipality to visit the island. One of the items discussed was the possibility of creating cultural, educational environmental friendly, tourism, related interesting projects and creating an organization for tourism for the Island as a whole.

New archaeological research on all of the island will be a major part of the plans, to start with Old Salamis Harbor.

How to:

One of the questions asked by the Mayor was if it would be possible to find an international organization and sufficient funding to start the archaeological research in and around the properties of the Old Salamis Harbor.

Part of the property next to the harbor has not been built on and can be used and entered immediately, it also has proper roads leading to the property. 

The municipality might even be willing to allow to dry pump the Western part of the harbor allowing for easier access to the bottom of the harbor. The Eastern part has unfortunately been destroyed by several nasty shipyards.

When the research has started the municipality is also willing to create an educational center.

We hereby kindly request your help in finding the appropriate organizations for the archaeological research as well as their funding.

What we expect to find also:

A trireme (hopefully without the crew):

Above two pictures were provided by R.S.Kok -Leiden, The Netherlands, one of the volunteer rowers!