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Salamis Island, Greece

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Salamis OUR Greek Island

"Greece should be starring for Culture, this is the heritage, this property is lost if we do nothing" Melina Mercouri

The Celebrations of The Battle of Salamis in 2016:

Are the The Battle of Salamis celebrations at our Greek Island being murdered?

Killing the goose with the golden eggs?

Penny wise, pound foolish?

For the last 40 years a growing number of over 450 Salamis volunteers have organised the now internationally well known:
”The Battle of Salamis” celebrations.
A one week cultural historical event always starting at the 22 of September and ending with a big parade on September 29th.
The event grew from a one day meeting with a few visitors into a week of celebrations which are visited by a fast growing group of “tourists” from all over the world.
Many local clubs and organizations participate in these events. We can probably call it the best social and cultural event of the year, where all Salaminians meet each other. The celebrations have never been a political game, why now?
The guest list, especially for the parade, grew from a few locally important people into an incredible list of very important foreigners; over 40 ambassadors, big company directors, internationally known businessmen and politicians.
It can become one of the most important cultural historical events of all of Greece. Thanks to history (which can not be changed) 
and the happy volunteers.

Financially these events bring much more money onto Salamis Island than it will cost the volunteers and municipality to organize it. A simple calculation; the 5000 visitors from over the waters will easily spent € 50.000 and more on the island. Twenty foreigners staying three nights in an hotel spent over € 6.000 two years ago.
Thanks to the publicity all over the world and the internet more and more foreign tourist visit the island already 
(ask the hoteliers and restaurants).

In March there were over 10 million TV-viewers for the Aiantis meeting and there were over 50 newspaper articles all over the world. The celebrations can and do get even more publicity!
With a proper permanent organization and these volunteers Salamis can get over 500.000, maybe even 1.000.000 foreign tourist per year. Spending probably between 10 and 20 million euro!

The new mayor is against the celebrations and has stopped them now. Quote: “we had better give food to the poor”. Let's call this her inexperienced view. Leave politics out!
Will the new mayor kill the golden goose? Or bring prosperity to Salamis?
There is still the time and possibility to organize the parade on September 29th- in Ampelakia 

Or maybe the events should be moved to another island or city, which does have proper respect for history and its people? Piraeus or Aegina could do the same.

A call to the Salamis politicians, the real Salaminians themselves understand this already; Stop fighting each other, fight your own people's poverty and start the celebrations today!.
Do like in 480 BC: join up and win. Salamis could be as well known and wealthy as Santorini! Salamis already has more history and culture, just less visitors.