Towards The Salamis Historic Park Foundation

Salamis Island, Greece

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Salamis OUR Greek Island

"Greece should be starring for Culture, this is the heritage, this property is lost if we do nothing" Melina Mercouri

Culture Year 2021

Initial organization setup and Initial plan setup, in non-committed order; 

A committee to be formed with 7 members;
All members must be available during at least 350 hours per year and they will be paid a fair salary. Budget: € 4 M. 

- All board meetings are public, unless financing is being discussed. Everybody is allowed to speak for max. 4 min before the meetings, with a max of 8 people. All reports of meetings are made public (except financial). But the financing may always be checked by a designated accountant.
A support office to be setup. Office space provided at reasonable rent by the municipality. Office equipment to be bought and/or sponsored until march 29th 2022
Budget: € 2.5 M.
This does not included promotion activities! These are budgeted for: € 8 M. all together.
- And a minibus with driver to be provided by an international car rental company.
- Personnel to be hired until march 29th 2022.  

Initial plan setup, in non-committed order;
A plan to be made consisting of;
1. a tourism and cultural historical development plan. This will show what are the main points of interests to the celebrations and to the development of Salamis. Budget: € 150.000
2. an archaeological route to be created along all mayor archeological and culture locations on Salamis. Including for each site a proper presentation (book, ebook, website) and proper protection and trained guides. Budget: € 2.5 M.
3. Day trips to be organized by minivan along the sites. Budget: € 35.000
4. To repair and improve all roads on Salamis. As well as all signs and more. Budget: € 20 M. 5. to create renewed ferry lines from Piraeus to Kamatero and Selinia, with new environmental fast bigger boats. Including sufficient parking facilities in Piraeus (also of much interest to their part of the culture 2021 year).
Budget: € 15 M, parking itself not included, as this is infrastructural for Piraeus.
6. to create minibus tours in connection with these ferry's on a daily base, most of the year. Budget: € 250.000 only for startup costs and organization setup.
7. to create the Ampelakia archaeological park and museum at Ampelakia bay.
Budget: € 25 M.
8. to create the historic park representing the Battle of Salamis. Budget: € 10 M.
9. The St.Giorgios Island public educational, historical and creative park will be fully integrated with the Kamatero project. Budget: € 8 M.
10. the historical shipyard. Budget: € 5 M.
11. the culture and art commission to be set up along all artists and culture locations (not archaeological). Budget: € 195.000
12. Over 1000 unemployed people to be trained as guides, tourism employees, languages and other skills and whatever more. Budget: € 2 M.
And we see at least 10 other possible local projects. But it should be presented very soon to the prefecture, budget I included provisionally. 

And work together with Piraeus