Towards The Salamis Historic Park Foundation

Salamis Island, Greece

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Salamis OUR Greek Island

"Greece should be starring for Culture, this is the heritage, this property is lost if we do nothing" Melina Mercouri

Our Mission

-We have been celebrating the Battle of Salamis for many years now, we like to make a special effort for the year 2021 when Greece has the Culture City of Europe celebrations.

- We, as friends of the celebrations, would like to open a permanent celebration of this important event and of the history of Salamis.

- We call it for the moment:
“ The Historical Battle of Salamis Project”. 

- We are currently starting a non-profit foundation as the leading organizer for this project.

- The foundation will have to find the financing to design and build this project.

- We expect to find the financing through donations (these are tax-deductable), loans, financing from interested people, governments and the EU.

- If you see any possibility for any form of financing or other assistance, please let us know.

Our first international helpers:

- Professor B.Rankov, Chairman of the Trireme Trust.
Co-author of  a.o. The Athenian Trireme
- Barry Strauss from Cornell University
Author a.o. of the book: The Battle of Salamis.
- Erik Rörsch & Christiaan Kruis, project creators.

What we want

Short project description of The Salamis Project:

1. The aim of the Historical Educational Park is to explain in as many ways as possible the importance and history of the Battle of Salamis. It's influence on Europe, world history and our civilization. We expect this project will attract visitors to all of Salamis.

2. To create also a project where people can be trained for a job and where the unemployed can find new ways (see for example: ) to work and to preserve our shipping heritage.

3. Besides it is time to restore Old Salamis harbor to it's old glory, which is also our intention ( see Old Salamis harbor).

Read more: the Salamis Foundation

Our meeting schedule:

- Our very first meeting was on September 29th 2012 in Selinia. Chairman: Erik Rörsch 

- Our next meeting was on April 26th , 2013 at 15.15 hrs at our offices in Abelakia. Invited people only. But  interested people are welcome, after we have received your request by email.
Chairman: Erik Rörsch.

Last meeting; March, 4th 2014.

Next meeting: September 29th 2014 at the Votsalakia hotel in Selinia at 11.00 hrs.

Next meeting: around September 2016